Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Unexpectedly nice typography from KFC


Ahead of its 50th anniversary, KFC has launched this lovely new marketing campaign to promote their slow cooked, original BBQ chicken. Just about everything from this campaign screams 'trendy'. The distressed chalkboard typography, the south-american music and the summer feeling photography. Even the product itself is in fashion because these days you can't be an 'on-trend' restaurant unless your meat is 'pulled' in someway. Louise Direito, KFC innovation manager says "If pulled pork was the dish of 2014, then 2015 will become the year of pulled chicken. Influenced heavily by both our Kentucky heritage as well as the UK street-food scene, the new range is a labour of love for us." The video featured on the website is also current. The southern-American voice over, plot and hazy style is very reminiscent of the iconic Jack Daniels marketing.

The typography is very similar to recent McDonald's advertising campaign illustrated by Alison Carmicheal. I suspect that the Jack Daniels homely southern roots focus and the McDonald's new focus were key inspirations for this campaign.

It almost seems too cool and trendy for KFC, I love it because I'm a designer but will their die-hard fans feel the same way? I believe it is a bid to draw in new crowds by improving the variety of their menu and bringing it more in-line with current tastes of the 'new generation' market. In that sense I think this campaign works because it speaks to that new audience very effectively.

The responsive site design also looks top-notch and works flawlessly. See the full website here:

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